Foals of 2017!


SR Instant Choice

Chic N' Oak

Pistol Playin Chic  - Grace

No Guns Please

Playgirls Gotta Gun

Cant Outrun TheStorm - Oliver

EBR Stormin Norman

Instant Covergirl

Coming in 2018!!

Despite a challenging breeding season, we are very excited to be expecting a foal out of this cross once again! Mable's 2017 colt  by Norman is quite a looker and we can't wait to see what hits the ground in 2018!!

EBR Stormin Norman

Instant Covergirl

Booked for 2018!

We have quite the group of girls booked to a selection of top notch studs for foals arriving in 2019! The list includes Yellow Roan of Texas, A Cowboy at Heart and This Guns for Nic.

Yellow Roan of Texas will be bred to

Chic N Oak

Haida Uget So Smart

 A Cowboy at Heart will be bred to

Lil Kitty Mecom Blue

Instant Covergirl


  This Guns for Nic will be bred to

Lokotas Cadillac